Image and GIF hyper-personalization

Import your own image or use one from our library. Personalize each image at scale with your prospect’s logo, LinkedIn profile picture, name, company and more

LinkedIn + email multi-touch automation

On average only 30% of prospects accept connection requests leaving 70% of your prospects underutilized. We provide you with each prospect’s data for added touch points via email leading to 10x more responses

CRM or email software integration

We can integrate all prospect data into your CRM or email software tool of choice

Data enrichment

We run each prospect through multiple data enrichment databases to find accurate information containing their email, company name, industry, size, location and more

Valid Emails

Unlike other platforms, we triple-verify each email leaving you with 97% valid emails to increase email deliverability

Clean Data

We clean all of the company names removing LLC, Inc, Corp and many other abbreviations to ensure your personalized outreach looks manual

InMails to 2nd & 3rd degree contacts

Send up to 800 free InMails per month which is a quicker way to reach decision-makers without needing them to accept a connection request

Smart Inbox CRM

Reply to all messages in one place, sort your messages by campaign, label leads, add notes next to the conversations and focus on what really matters - closing deals without losing any messages in the process.

Advanced Reporting

Get real-time analytics and create customized reports to gain intelligence on the performance of your campaigns

Cloud-based for maximum security and efficiency

No more extensions that compromise your account and force you to keep your screen on to operate. Log in safely from any browser to manage all of your campaigns and replies

Chat labeling

Assign customized labels for each prospect allowing you to sort, filter and follow up more efficiently

Managed multiple accounts

Our master dashboard allows you to add new accounts and switch between them with a single mouse click to eliminate wasted time changing dashboards and logging in to multiple places. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can manage!

Advanced personalization

Personalize each message with first name, last name, company name, years at company, college name, occupation and more

Account warm up

We have safeguards in place to throttle your daily sequence limits when you first sign up as we need to gradually ramp up your activity until maximizing your daily limits to remain undetectable

Safe and secure

We provide dedicated location-based IP addresses and our proprietary human mimicking system ensures everything is done to replicate humanlike behavior making our platform undetectable

Remove pending connections

If you have too many pending invitations, you may not be able to invite more people to connect. We do this automatically for you


Enter a company name or specific prospect name to ensure you don’t contact them in any of your campaigns

Multiple sequence steps available

You can create a customized sequence by either viewing profile, invite to connect, message, follow, email, or InMail in any order that you choose

Prospect Import options

You can upload your prospects for your sequence via LinkedIn search URL, Sales Navigator search URL, post engagement URL, leads list URL, or import CSV with prospect LinkedIn URL’s

Only contact unique leads

Toggle features to ensure you don’t contact leads in other campaigns or those with pending connection requests

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